A first look at the OPENING DANCE SCENE

A first look at the OPENING DANCE SCENE

Last weekend, we filmed several of the big dance scenes for the movie, not the least of which was the opening piece for the film.

In the movie, this piece was choreographed by Isabel soon after her devastating breakup.  The choreography plays to the struggle she is having emotionally and also to the strength of the dancers in her company.  The movements are a sharp contrast of strong forceful beats and soft dissolves.

During rehearsals, we played with pushing and pulling the body in many directions, which work beautiful with the wind machine that Jesus used to film the scene.  We enlisted the help of the talented dancers/choreographers of LA Unbound: Betsy, Elizabeth, Brandi, Mary John and Bekah.  Each dancer brought a unique style and energy to the piece, despite the challenges of the choreography.  The piece was a true collaboration and I think will set the tone which will develop as we meet each of these distinct characters.

About the Author

Alexa is a member of the Sunset Junction producing team as well as a choreographer for the film. Please write her at sunsetjunction.movie@gmail.com.