Low Budget, Not Low Quality

Low Budget, Not Low Quality

When Jesus first mentioned his idea for Sunset Junction to me, my initial reaction went something like this:

“Oh what a great idea! But where will you get the money?”

A larger than life musical with an original (and mostly local) score, huge, energetic dance numbers and a vibrant cast of characters who could act, sing and dance.  It sounded like a pipe dream.

Boy was I wrong.

In a matter of weeks, Jesus proceeded to reach out to his diverse contact base and pull from the wide talent pools of the actors, composers, musicians, dancers and filmmakers that he has collaborated with in the past.

On board with his project, he has the tremendous and varied talents of the LA Unbound Dance Company headed by Elizabeth Tramontozzi and Betsy Uhler.  Along with the LA Unbound Dancers and Choreographers, the legendary Jordi Caballero contributed his expertise in choreographing Maureen’s remarkable tango piece.

The music for the film is breathtaking from the upbeat “Sunglasses” song of the opening number to the rich layers of Aurah, which I was lucky enough to experience live on set last weekend.  Not to mention the vibrant local bands who have so generously signed on board to the project to bring authenticity to each unique scene.

Our multitalented Cinematographers, Richard Briglia and Nasar Abich, are breaking ground and pushing the Canon 7D farther than any film has before.  Not to mention, our incredible still photographer, Christopher Kinder, whose work is documenting the entire process of making this film.  And of course, renaissance man, Ben Watson and Producers Maria Lorensen and Maritza Navarro who are crucial to putting of all this together.

And thats just the beginning.

A powerful cast that brings raw talent to the lens, a brilliant editor and real Silver Lake and Los Angeles locations like Cafe Stella and Intelligentsia are making this film bigger than any of us every imagined.

Make no mistake…all of these immensely talented people are professionals in their respective field.  Just take a look at their bios.  The scale of this film is huge and its impact will be even bigger.

Sitting on set last Friday night, I looked through the view finder of the 7D to see a gorgeous close up of Judith Martin singing an original (and phenomenal) Aurah piece for the film.  Her face was in focus, but the background faded with the flickering of the candles on the table behind her.  It was a compelling and breathtaking shot and one you would not expect to see outside of the feature film world.

When audiences sit down to see this film for the first time, they will think that they are watching a 20 million dollar movie.

And truth be told, they are.

About the Author

Alexa is a member of the Sunset Junction producing team as well as a choreographer for the film. Please write her at sunsetjunction.movie@gmail.com.