The beginnings of “Sunset Junction”

The beginnings of “Sunset Junction”

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FIRST DAY OF SHOOTING: This was the first official day of shooting. We had a previous day that was planed as a test, but it went so well we will use the footage in the movie, but November 28th will be considered the official start day. We went all the way and took advantage of our camera (a Cannon D7 that makes it look like we are just taking pictures) and shot amazing images in front of the Disney Concert Hall, the Union Train Station in Downtown and Griffith Observatory.

Getting to shoot at the Union Train Station, where one of my favorite movies ever (Blade Runner) was shot (in part) made us feel overwhelmed with excitement. The camera responds incredibly well with extreme light conditions and proved to be the best option for a movie like this. Flexibility, extreme independent film conditions and a full commitment with great visuals are the rules we are following in the filming process.

After shooting in those amazing locations we moved to Diego and Carolina Velazco (great friends of mine) house on Sanborn. The first house south of Intelligentsia with an amazing view of Silver Lake. Perfect for the little conversation the characters have in that scene.

The early ray cleaned the atmosphere for us and gave us a gorgeous wet down in front of the concert hall.

The final location of the day was Christopher’s house that was converted into a photo studio.

At the end of the day we were completely exhausted but incredibly happy about all we accomplished. Check out the pictures from that day on the gallery.


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