Soundtrack from the Motion Picture

Soundtrack from the Motion Picture

9 of the coolest Silverlake bands create this smokin’ indie soundtrack to Sunset Junction that’s gonna make you wanna dance, strum a guitar or just fire up the bbq and invite your neighbors!!

Sunset Junction is a love letter to the Silverlake Arts Community and the music we used plays an integral role in the film. In addition to the original music composed for the film, we were able to use music from Silverlake’s finest, including Fool’s Gold, Helen Stellar and Lemon Sun. We put together a soundtrack with some of our favorite songs from the film and it is now available to download from itunes. If you enjoy the soundtrack as much as we do, please support the artists by purchasing their work. You can also get a free download of sunglasses here!

Sunset Junction – A Personal Musical (Soundtrack from the Motion Picture)

  1. Sunglasses – Thomas Greene & Zach Ross
  2. Don’t Look Down – Helen Stellar
  3. Waiting For You – Popvert
  4. No Regrets – AURAH
  5. Pasajero – David Mazzarri
  6. Congratulate Our Thievery – Lemon Sun
  7. Finally Free (feat. Jason Landau) – AURAH
  8. Just Another Day – AURAH
  9. To Connect – Floating Action
  10. Fall Away – Richard Briglia

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