How you can get involved

How you can get involved

From visionary Venezuelan director, Jesus M. Rodriguez, comes a story of a unique neighborhood and its unconventional inhabitants.  As a resident of the Silver Lake area, Jesus wants this film to tell the story of the community, both verbally and visually.

While the film is already in production, there are many things you can do to help:

1) Read the posts and interact with the many creative forces of the film on the blog

2) Donate goods or services.  We could use small food or beverage donations to use as prop food on camera as well as for the actors during the filming of long dance scenes.  Please contact us!

3) Allow us to film at your location.  We are in need of an office space and a couple of bars/small music venues.  Please let us know if you are willing to help.

4) Rentals or production services.  If you have any connections to free or low cost rentals, particularly for lighting, props or wardrobe, please contact us.

5) Help to publicize the film.  Do you work for a local film festival or movie theater and would be willing to help us exhibit the film upon completion? Perhaps you are a writer for a local newspaper and would help us spread the word.

This film is an exciting creative experiment taken on by an extremely talented and capable director.  We hope the story of Sunset Junction: a personal musical will inspire you to create, entice you to get involved, and have you waiting on the edge of your seat for opening night.

About the Author

Alexa is a member of the Sunset Junction producing team as well as a choreographer for the film. Please write her at