Sunset Junction is a story about Silver Lake.

Meet Isabel, a powerful, young dancer struggling to put her life back together after a devastating breakup.

Introduce her to Ian, a talented musician who falls for her instantly.

A love story could be brewing…

…but Isabel likes to keep her options open, and thus enters Alex, yet another charming musician.

It seems like our young starlet has just gotten her feet back on the ground, until a chance meeting at the neighborhood coffee shop leads Isabel to discover how surprising life can be.

But she is not the only one tangled in a modern dating maze…

Meet her neighbors: Jeff, Julie and Jesus.  Not your typical Los Angeles roommates, the trio is intertwined emotionally and physically in a unique web of art, love and sex.  And they’re not afraid to sing about it.

We will journey with these characters through their personal and working relationships, exploring their struggles through their passion for music and dance.

Sunset Junction is not a musical about “making it.”

It is a story about neighbors.  Barriers will break down.  Friendships will form.  Our characters will realize that while they are waiting for their careers to take off, their real lives are moving forward.

With stunning visuals, a great soundtrack and unbelievable dance numbers, Jesus Rodriguez brings you Silver Lake as you’ve never seen it before…

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